President & Creative Director, BRENT JOHNSON

With over 20 years experience as an exhibit designer and industrial designer, Brent Johnson brings solid experience to all phases of project development, from concept design through final installation. He focuses on aesthetics while seamlessly coordinating with content development and storyline. He possesses strong conceptual abilities and an in-depth understanding of fabrication techniques, allowing for creative, elegant, and functional design solutions. Fully conversant with exhibit media concepts, he interweaves AV, interactive exhibits, graphics, and theatrical strategies to engage all types of visitors and to tell stories.

Senior Graphic Designer, JEFF STAMMEN

Jeff Stammen has 15+ years experience in interpretive graphic design, print materials, and interactive media development. He has a strong understanding of three-dimensional design, contributing immensely to his effectiveness as an environmental graphic designer. He is a talented illustrator, which is a prized expertise when taking on the role of art director for custom illustrations and cartography.

Senior Content Developer, MATT KIRCHMAN

Matt Kirchman plans experiences for cultural attractions by researching content, developing storylines, collaborating with designers, and serving as a visitor advocate. He has over 20 years of experience in the fields of experiential education and interpretive design. Matt is the owner of ObjectIDEA a museum planning consultancy, and serves on the board of the New England Museum Association (NEMA).

Specialty Services & Consultants
We bring together comprehensive teams for each project, customized to the needs of the client and the exhibit program. Unique services such as interactive media design, filmmaking, acoustics, and lighting design, and formative evaluation – and more – can be contracted and coordinated through Brent Johnson Design.